About Us

Genius Group is a creative design and web solutions Agency, located in Aleppo, Syria. With our talented and experienced graphic designers and web developers team, we seek to help our customers to choose the perfect brand identity for their business, convert their prospects into reality, grow their buisenes, and Taking their online and offline presence to the next level.

Team Members

Amir Chababi

CEO & Founder

Firas Wannes

General Manager

Lubna Wohbeh

Interior Design Lead

Sadek Malhis

Photography Lead

Mark Ward

Senior Graphic Designer

Rami Ghouri

Social Media Marketing Lead

Anas Zawaidie

Senior Graphic Designer

Anwar Kabbani

Senior Graphic Designer

Zein Aksh

Senior Graphic Designer

Ammar Wohbeh

Interior Design Architect

Samir Karam

Interior Design Architect

Karny Antably

Office Management

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